Monday, March 8, 2010

Fresh Pesto with Tomatoes and a Poached Egg...summer is almost here!!

California really is a beautiful place to live, and while Fall is ultimately my favorite season because of its beauty and colors. Spring and Summer are a close second and third because of the wonderful foods that explode out of these seasons!! There is nothing like gardening and growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables. Or eating farm fresh eggs.

This morning I made a wonderful homemade pesto with fresh organic basil I picked up from the farmers market, garlic, tomatoes and farm fresh eggs!! I love egg with fresh pesto and that moment when you dig your fork and knife into that yolk and it oozes out and the pesto and yolk meet each other for the first time.....mmmmm!! Then throw fresh sweet vine ripened tomatoes into the mix and your taste buds will certainly be doing a happy waddlelyatcha and doodley do!!

Enjoy your day!!

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